Palm Rat

These rats are the most found rats in Jacksonville. Palm Rats are also known as Roof Rats. These rats can grow up to 8 inches long, have long tails and are typically black or brown. They are usually vegetarians, but if they’re hungry enough, aren’t opposed to eating anything. It’s important to get rid of roof rats as soon as you suspect them in your home. Female Palm Rats can produce over 20 offspring in a year and can live up to three years!

Norway Rat

These rats are typically found outside. They can grow up to 16 inches in length and are typically brown or grey in color Norway rats have shorter tails and scales on their body. You can identify a Norway Rat infestation by the droppings left behind in your home. Norway rat droppings tend to be of a rounder shape and larger compared to the Palm and Wood Rat.

Wood Rat

Out of the three, Wood Rats are the least common of the North Florida rat species. Along with damaging your home, leaving dropping and eating food, Wood Rats are also infamous for stealing small items. Wood rats are sneaky critters that grow to about 7 inches long. They typically are black or greyish-brown in color and have more furry compared to the other Jacksonville rat species.

Professional Rat Control

Don’t waste your hard-earned money on DIY trapping methods that won’t solve your problem. Call in the team of experts at Trutech for rat removal and rat control services that an effective and permanent solution. Hiring a team of professionals from Trutech will take care of your problem in an environmentally sensitive way. Our specialists have the tools and knowledge necessary to prevent the spread of diseases from rats that enter your house or yard.

Trust Trutech to take care of all of your rat removal needs in the most thorough, humane, and environmentally cautious manner. Don’t wait until rats have invaded your home, garage, and yard to call in a professional team- Call Trutech and implement our environmentally sound rat control solutions and keep your home clean and safe for all of its invited inhabitants.

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