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Jacksonville is home to a variety of wildlife due an abundance of pine forests, hardwood forests, and freshwater resources. Because summers in North Florida can raise sweltering temperatures, critters are more likely to invade homes when temperatures drop or there is an increase in rain. Urban development on the First Coast has caused nuisance animals to lose their habitats and seek food and shelter in the homes of Florida residents.

When you encounter unwanted wildlife in your home or business it is important to resolve the problem quickly and professionally.

Wildlife Removal Service


An inspection could last thirty minutes or three hours. We investigate the interior and exterior of your home for any signs of animal activity.


We create a custom removal and animal trapping plan. We factor in type of animal and location of animal to humanely solve the pest animal problem.


A full home exclusion creates a barrier that prevents animals from entering or re-entering your home. Exclusions provide long-term and safe solutions to keep an animal out.


At Trutech, your satisfaction is always guaranteed. All full home exclusions come with a one year guarantee. If the pest animal enters your home, we'll come out and rectify the situation.

Wildlife in Jacksonville

North Florida’s variety of habitats includes pine forests, hardwood forests, and an abundance of freshwater sources. As Jacksonville grows, the animals that call this area home will adapt to thrive in urban and suburban habitats.

Homeowners generally face the most wildlife nuisance in the spring and fall. Although many animals cannot stand the sweltering summer heat of a Florida attic, homeowners may still face rodent and bat populations seeking shelter in the quiet areas of their homes. After all, animals still need food, water, and shelter no matter what season it is.

Unfortunately, when critters make their way into your home, it can present a big problem with the potential for extensive property damage. Plus, critters making their home in any residential or commercial structure pose a threat to the health of anyone within the building.

Humane Wildlife Removal

Trutech Wildlife Service offers long-term solutions while providing humane wildlife removal and control. Trutech’s professional wildlife technicians specialize in removing wildlife from your home or business safely to leave you with peace of mind. 


We provide full home exclusions in which we repair and restore your home from the damage caused by the animal(s).

What Our Clients Say

“Trutech was very professional and very thorough and walked me through the process before it happened and made sure I was comfortable with what they were doing. The technician was friendly and personable and worked hard to take care of the issue. Very pleased with the service I received.”
Mary Lou d.
“Amber was the technician that came out to take care of the squirrel that had gotten into a section of the lanai roof. It was making a nest but had left before she arrived. Amber vacuumed out the section and closed off where it had gotten in as well as an area that was also open. She did an excellent job working in a difficult area to give me piece of mind to keep It from getting in again. I would definitely recommend True Tech to help with getting rid of critters.”
Catherine D.
“I found evidence of rodents in my attic. They inspected and found multiple areas where the rodents could enter. Shortly before I had called TruTech, I had another company come out and they said there was only one entrance, through the soffit. The Tru Tech technician, Kevin, showed me pictures of the multiple entrance locations he found. Kevin was personable, patiently answered all my questions, was clean and neat and was on time. I would recommend Kevin and Tru Tech for any pest control, wildlife issues that you have.”
Doug K.

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