Armadillos thrive in Jacksonville yards. The hot, humid weather is a perfect climate for them. They prefer sandy and porous soil which is ideal for making burrows and digging for food. 

The animals dig burrows with their powerful claws and sleep for up to 16 hours a day, emerging during twilight to search for food. Armadillos dig several burrows in the area surrounding their nests to use for escaping predators. Burrows are usually located in loose, sandy soils and entrances are strategically placed in the shelter of rocks, dense shrubs, or trees.

These unique creatures are relatively harmless but they can wreak havoc on your yards and lawns by digging near your house’s foundation or destroying your garden. 



How to Trap an Armadillo

Trapping an armadillo takes skill and training. They are predictable, and when searching for food tend to ignore their surroundings. A cage trap with a constructed funnel is effective in catching an armadillo. 

1. Locate the armadillo’s burrow or active area: Armadillos are known to dig burrows or have particular areas where they are commonly seen. Observe their behavior and identify the spot where they spend the most time or where their burrow is located.

2. Choose the right trap: Purchase or set up a trap suitable for catching armadillos. Make sure it is large enough to accommodate the size of an armadillo and is designed specifically for trapping small animals.

3. Prepare the trap: Set up the trap near the armadillo’s burrow or in the area where they are frequently seen. Make sure to follow the instructions provided by the manufacturer for setting up the trap correctly.

4. Bait the trap: Armadillos are primarily insectivores, so using insects as bait can be effective. Some popular bait options include live worms, grubs, or mealworms. Place the bait inside the trap, near the trigger mechanism, to entice the armadillo.

5. Set the trap: Be cautious when handling the trap to avoid leaving human scent behind, as armadillos have a keen sense of smell. Carefully position the trap, ensuring it is stable and securely placed on the ground.

Photos of Armadillo Traps

Trutech Armadillo Control

The most effective way to remove armadillos is by having a professional remove them for you. At Trutech, once we have removed the armadillo, we protect the vulnerable areas of your yard. Fortifying foundations and erecting barriers is one of the most effective ways to control armadillos. One of the most popular places to find an armadillo burrow in Jacksonville is under A/C units. 

We do not recommend trying to catch an armadillo. You might be able to capture one, but it could be dangerous. Armadillos thrash their legs when picked up. Their strong digging claws can cause injuries. If you do trap an armadillo, you need to understand Florida’s regulations on what to do with a trapped armadillo.

At Trutech, our Jacksonville armadillo experts are highly-trained, licensed, and insured. We safely and effectively remove armadillos from your property and have a custom plan for you to ensure no more damage comes to your lawn and property.

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