Roof Rat Nests

Roof rats build nests close to food sources and water sources. Roof rats are omnivores but a roof rat diet consists mostly of fruit, nuts, and seeds over other foods if given a choice. Common water sources that attract roof rats include birdbaths, leaky faucets, and pet bowls. If your property provides both, you could […]

Fruit Rats in Jacksonville, Florida

Rats cause structural and aesthetic damage to the interior and exterior of homes. They contaminate food and carry diseases, risking your and your family’s health. It is crucial to address a rat problem as soon as you notice rat activity. The Norway rat is the most common rat pest in the U.S., but in Florida, […]

Do Rats Climb?

Roof rats also known as black rats and palm rats have a natural affinity for climbing due to a combination of factors that make them exceptional climbers. Their anatomy has adapted to enhance their climbing abilities. Roof rats possess physical traits that enhance their climbing abilities. They have sharp claws on their feet, allowing them […]

Palm Rats in Florida

Florida is renowned for its temperate climate, one that allows people to wear shorts and flip-flops year-round. Unfortunately, this famous climate is equally appealing to pests. Palm rats, also called roof rats or citrus rats, are but one pest that thrives in the sunshine state. While Norway rats are by far the most common rat […]